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kabel 06-24-2014 02:10 PM

To SnapRJW: viewing and critiquing
Hi Rosemary,
an interesting thing to note about viewing and critiquing images here on TE is that many people view but don't comment or critique. My most viewed photo, over 1,800 views, is a Rose Parade float featuring Elizabeth Taylor (tribute) but only one member critiqued it. It was taken with my little Canon Powerpoint camera. (My family teases me about my Rose Parade pics)
Marc Muench, yes the famous one, was leading a workshop in Arches National Park and was asked by a workshop participant to take a photo with a Powerpoint camera of the arches. He put it on his blog page. Non DSLR cameras have their place in this world too.
Having lots of critiques isn't the goal for me. It is just about sharing and learning how to take better photos. And learning about other parts of the world too like Africa which I don't think I will ever be able to visit.
My first image on TE was only critiqued by one member, and he gave me the most valuable and honest advice about how to improve my photography to date.
Have a great day,

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