To sarju: Thanks

  • I don't think anyone will complain seeing as these people are my relatives:D ... I develop my photos at futureshop :) you have the option of getting them sent to your email. Et voila!
    Trek sounds cool Ima check it out!
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    Hi Zoe,
    I strongly recommend you read the <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">TOS (Terms of Service)</A>, especially point 5. Quite frankly, I don't really see what your picture is teaching us about the world.
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    Maybe it doesn't teach 'you' about the world or my specific area. I'm sure it enlightens some1 out there, therefore it is in compliance with the rules. I didn't post the photo to show my family, if thats why the site restricts family pictures. I wouldn't have insulted my uncle so much if that had been the case. Thankyou for your comment.