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Great sohrab 2006-03-22 11:15

very cliched and very banal!!!!!!!!!

before you go ahead with my critique.. understand that i've met you ad i've known you for some time and know that photography is far beyond a mere hobby for you...

first this photograph...

i'll start with the body language..
it was fresh when claude initially posted his photographs from south india.. palms together and a man looking at an idol or upwards blah blah blah... but now there are so many photographs like this.. that i want move on to something else.. it's just sooo disappointing that i don't really have any words to express myself.. i just know that right now while writing this.. i have a very warped expression and i can feel my face muscles under all the chubbiness get stressed.. you must be aware that 40 something muscles are exerted while frowning and only 1 while smiling ;) go easy on me.. and you have tons and tons of the same thing.. is this all you see in a temple?? is this all what prayers are about...?? looking at the sky or at something else with palms put together... kind of makes me feel that your path of thinking is highly constricted...

and the whole photograph itself.. there's nothing really happenening... and by this i mean there's no feeling at all..

i don't mind a person looking into the camera.. cmon... a little interaction with the charecter can also be interested.. but this whole photograph is quite dead..


Old 03-29-2006, 02:26 PM
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Default To sohrab: photography magazines

belive me Sohrab, I would prefer to be published in real magazines, but photography magzines are the only ones interested in my phots at the moment, it is better to be published there than nowhere I think. I hope it will change one day.
I am really trying to turn photography into my job, I try to find outlets for my photos, I try to get noticed. I have many reqests from people to use my photos, unfortunatelly those request don't come from magazines. I receive many comments on my photos on various sites on the internet, people seem to like them. recently Lonely Planet purchased several images for their new publications about Bangkok and Delhi, I also hope Lonely Planet Images will accept my submission so I could contribute my travel images there, maybe that (and Alamy) would give me some steady income so I could quit my job.
I don't know... i'd like to be a photographer like those at Magnum or VII, shooting important events, making stories, I just don't know how to do it, I guess I'd need to go to a confilict place, to shoot images that are needed at the moment.. I might even do that one day.. or i'll become a travel photographer - it wouldn't be bad either. I just want to take pictures.
and speaking about those magazines, I will have another feature here in the UK, Amateur Photographer will publish my photos from Cardiff in mid April.
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Old 03-29-2006, 02:48 PM
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Default Re: To sohrab: photography magazines

I for one am jealous, maciek. I think getting published is a positive thing.
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Old 03-29-2006, 05:17 PM
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Default Re: To sohrab: photography magazines

i don't think people are reading what i wrote carefully..

i'm not against having your photographs published.. (though i don't think they're a big deal so i'm quite indifferent towards it) but i'm against comprising on your work JUST IN ORDER TO GET PUBLISHED.. i just feel that it's affecting your overall quality of work.. and i feel that it's only going to help you in the short run.. but like i've also said before.. what do i know..?? it's not like i'm an established photographer myself ;) it's just that my vision is very very precious to me and i'm very posessive about it.. and i'm not going to let anyone or anything but myself dictate the course it takes..

and maciej.. i didn't ever say that you should goto a conflict zone or anything like that.. i just said that you should now also try and embark on work that is personal to you.. it might be travel itself.. max pam for instance... and i'm saying this.. because you have the potential and you're good.. but i'd like to see more depth in your work.. whether it's travel or photojournalism or documentary photography or art photography or even war photography in specific..
you say you don't know how to do important work or stories.. but you can always learn sometime..

maybe i'm saying all this because of the influence of certain experienced photographers who guide me once in a while or maybe it's because i've been reading a little too much on eugene smith's life and i'm heavily inspired by him.. at the end of the day, if you're happy doing what you're doing then ignore everything i've said.. i'm just telling you as a friend..

p.s. not all photographers at magnum are war photographers ;)
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Old 04-02-2006, 12:42 PM
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Default Re: To sohrab: photography magazines

Sohrab speaks true on a lot of topics. If Magnum and VII is your goal, then you need to start shooting for that now. What makes them so special is their passion and unique vision, not just their eye. No compromise and never set your standards low. Getting published is great for exposure and money...hell, I'm shooting nightlife events and engagment parties to make ends meet, but keep your eye on the prize Maciej. Have you got Magnum Stories yet? If not, get it ASAP. Also, go purchase Truth Needs no's my bible for photojournalism.

Do stories that matter to you. I remember telling you that you need to start working on photostories. Have you started yet? Find something local that you care about and shoot the hell out of it. It's nice to shoot a bunch of decisive moment photos for practice and fun, but to be a documentry photographer, you need to gain acces and tell an intimate story. Truth needs no Ally teaches you how to create these stories.

I feel that there is a small population of photographers here on TE that start this whole thing as a hobby, but wish to purse it as a profession. Yourself, Sohrab and me are just a few. That's why I feel I can speak candidly to you on these matters. Do whatever you need to do to follow your dreams. For me it meant skipping classes to shoot assignment, long hours at the office and plenty of late nights. I finally got my big break a few months ago. Your big break is right around the corner know you have the talent, you just have the channel into something that you feel very passionable about.

BTW, there is place for street photographers at Magnum...just look at Alex Webb.

Not all photographers at magnum are war photographers, but too many of them are art photographers though.
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Old 04-05-2006, 06:52 AM
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Default Re: To sohrab: photography magazines

What was the story hat got you your break mark?
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Default Re: To sohrab: photography magazines

I finally got my big break a few months ago. Your big break is right around the corner know you have the talent, you just have the channel into something that you feel very passionable about

Mark is actually a fine example of TE being a negative force for serious folks like Mark, Maciej et al. I remember Mark's disappointments with very cool receptions of many of his images here on TE, it only shows that as a whole (with few exceptions of course), we know f.u.c.k. all about photography, and while I wish more fine folks like these two would be on this site, it would really improve it's quality, however I must regret and say that for their own benefit sites like this one can be, and are detrimental in their development.

Keep it up Mark!!!

As for Maciej, I hope he takes Mark's words to heart, and the sooner he realizes that the main reason for shooting pictures isn't actually shooting pictures but truly showing the subject, stops taking pictures of cute little girls and their big eyes (unless you want to became pro wedding photographer, nothing wrong with that, I am sure you will excel, hey maybe even fashion!!!), he will be ahead of the game and on it's way to achieving his dreams.
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