To tyro: Lyd Valley Morning

  • Hello John,thanks for your kind critique and yes you are spot on,we were looking due north according to the faithful Google Maps.I must try and get used to uploading the co ordinates.....
    Every best wish Les.
  • North, South, East or West.....!
    Hi Les,

    Thanks for your reply!

    The reason I asked was because I asked the very same question when I critiqued Gladys's picture from this same (or very near) spot. She replied saying that you always tell her she doesn't know her left from her right, never mind which point of the compass she's facing!

    Kindest Regards,


    P.S. Yes, it's good fun (well it is if you're an anally retentive twit like me) adding co-ordinates so that a Google map will pop up. Very easy, actually. All you need is to download Google Earth (if you haven't already) and just make sure when you go into Options or Tools (or something like that) that you set it so co-ordinates are expressed in decimals rather than degrees, minutes and seconds - i.e. 54.598762N and not 54 35' 26"N. Then, once you find the spot where you were when you took the shot, simply hover the mouse pointer over that place and read off the co-ordinates from the bottom of the page and jot them down on a scrap of paper - then you can pop them into the boxes in the "Upload Photo" page. But do remember that longitude almost everywhere in Britain (apart from the likes of Kent) is negative, so don't forget the "-" sign or your map will end up somewhere in the North Sea!


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