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  • I have been doing research on new camera bags previously I was using a small Lowepro slingshot bag that barley holds my 40d with battery grip, on my trip to Thailand it pretty much fell apart and is almost I am looking for something that will be a good travel bag, highly water resistant and can store everything I need plus more. I am looking at the Lowepro Dryzone Rover.,1936,18.htm

    anyone have a better suggestion I would like something that can be carry on for a plane, and I would like it to hold my manfrotto ball head tripod (non carbon fibre) so its heavy..

    what camera bag can you recommend to me.

  • Carry-On Camera Bag
    Make sure that the new bag you buy is within the allowed size for carry-on bags. Airlines now have new rules. You can only have one carry-on bag of
    18" x 10" x 8" and it should fit under a seat. "Roll-a-board" is no longer considered as a hand luggage, it should be checked in. Check-in luggages maximum weight is 44 lbs. Better check the airline you are using. I always put my tripod and monopod in my suitcase including a bag for chargers, hard drive storage and other camera accessories. It will be with you in the hotel or ship anyway. I am leaving for a land tour of Argentina next week, so these info are from American Airlines and LAN Airlines. The camera bag I have been using for 6 years now, fits under the airplane seat. It is a Lowepro. They do not even sell my bag anymore, but it is similar to a Lowepro DryZone 100.

  • Thank you
    Thank you for taking the time for such a detailed response, I live in Canada so I am sure the rules for carry on may be a bit different but they probably follow similar guidelines....thanks for your help I appreciate it!
  • this helps thanks! ^_^


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