To tyro: Stormy Sunset over Lundy

  • Hello John,thanks for your comprehensive and kind critique,I`ve just taken a look at the settings I was using. I always shoot in RAW and make most adjustments there in CS5 before fine tuning in PS.
    As it was getting dark the ISO was set at 400,exposure was 1/400 at f11,as I took a reading from the sky,which is why the ground is under exposed.
    Hope this may help in some way.
    Best regards Les.
  • Settings & Exif data....
    Thank you, Les, for that quick reply.

    Like yourself, I tend to shoot in RAW most of the time (actually RAW + JPEG so that I can quickly review pictures in JPEG before working on them in RAW) and I use Photoshop Elements 9 for the RAW editing and conversion and then play around with cropping, etc in Elements 9 too. That does seem to preserve exif data and I should have thought that the top-notch CS5 would have done that too.

    I do sometimes use Canon's DPP (Digital Photo Professional) which came with my camera to o the RAW conversion and that does tend to lose the exif data.

    Anyway, it was interesting to read about your settings for this picture - shooting into the sun can be very confusion for camera and photographer alike!

    Kind Regards,



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