To ikeharel: Thank You

  • Dear Ike

    Two key points, thank you for the comments on the boat in Helsinki, and second, thank you for reviewing my gallery. I don't always get many comments on my submissions - few people review my work, you are an outstanding member here and I am indeed honored that you have done both.

    Any help with my photos, in-depth or slight helps me favor or improve my style and does encourage me to continue taking them. I did a lot of work and travels through out China and tried my best to capture daily life there before modern community life replaces the traditions of the past. Most of my work has been in this pursuit. I would often take photos accompanied by Chinese friends who would comment as to why I took them, not seeming to like their own old ways. Many daily life rituals, community activities will disappear soon. I hope my photos tell a story about them.

    Thanks - David Reed Thomas (drt100)
  • Critiques
    Good evening David,
    The mission of TE as I see it, is show places around our small world. But there is a secondery mission, and it's a by-product of the sight: to get people closer and establish connections.
    On a more practical terms, if you feel that not many members seeing and commenting on your work, just get yourself to circle with them. Write critiques.
    I try to write daily the full 20 allotment of critiques, this is the way to be appreciated, known and reviewed.
    It takes time and patiance, and sometimes many will not write back - happened to me even to this date, after many photos reviewed. There are members who ignor other's critiques, but the most like to be appreciated and do appreciate. Try and see. Best advise I can convey here.
    Take care, have a nice week ahead.
  • Great Advice
    Thanks so much for your TE insights. You are right, I have not participated as much as I should here. I need to do a better job with others here.




david reed thomas, drt100