To pilpel-adom: Salt

  • I checked your photos and saw no Salt Flat shots! Tell me, how is it there? I ask because I and a friend who is working on a salt photo book are going to Bolivia/Peru after the rains--late March. Any good tips you could impart would be greatly appreciated. As are your photo comments!
    Thanks much,
    You are spot on concerning contrast and no need for BW...I'll post more of these later...
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    Yes, I didnt post them due to over exposure of the film while shipping it back to Israel...a sad story, believe me! I managed to save some of the shots, however, most of them suffer from massive grain and noise...
    Well, the Salar is AMAZING! Your timing is perfect, as you will have the opputounity to see the sunrise over the WET Salar, which is a once in a life time experience...You can do the Salar either from Uyuni (Bolivia) or from San pedro De Atacama (Chile) or from Tupiza. Make sure the tour agency includes this sunrise thing, and that you actually gonna be there to see it.
    If you have more questions, send them freely!