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Needs Improvement don_narayan 2005-09-09 20:48

I suppose the Palestinians should curb the suicide bombers. As it is, less inocent people are murdered because of the wall. The Palestinians are captives of Palestinian militancy just as much as they are of Israeli occupation.

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Default To don_narayan: Hi


I just read this comment and the following speach between both of you and I am really disapointed... You know when I am watching news on TV and reading some articles about middle east I really sometime hate extremist palestinian when a suicid bombing attack is committed as much as I hate extremist jews when they kill children, distroye houses and built that horrible wall... So what ?? Should I use a palestian people to kill a jews or a jews to kill a palestinian people... My god!!...(no sorry not mine but the one of all human being) How it is possible???

What is so different between a jews and a palestinian for their are not able to live together??? They both love their children. Are intelligent. Have the same body. Just want to live quietly. All the same appart they don't read the same "holy" book...

You know you both should go in south india where there is a city in which in an area of about 1 kilometer squarre you can see a mosque a cynagogue an orthodox church and an indou temple. And you know what?? Everybody in this city seems really happy! How it can be possible? Explain me ? They even don't want to know who was the first there? Don't worry there are human being like me and you not more...

So according to me the most responsible people for this terrible and endless situation in middle east are people who believe that it is possible to live together but don't do anything.... Just complain about the situation... crying... and even don't thing that a non violent action is possible to solve this situation. Befor I was really disapointed too because I bielived that I was one of these people just wanted a better world but doing nothing. But little by little by travelling reading (even Holy books) and meeting my neibours from earth I discovered that it's unfortunately not possible to move mountains anr resolve the problems which are bigger than us but it possible to help my old That it is possible to help my old portuguese neighbour to clear these garbage cans to smile to people in the street and especially to share my ideas with the others and to accept and understand theirs.

I pray for both of you and whish you all the best.

"An eye for eye and the whole world will be blind..."
Mahatma Gandhi"
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