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Great Polonaise 2008-08-08 17:08

Those Italians and Australians...?
It's not the first time they do faces for the cameras...
What a pity and a shame for their nations...
Thanks God, we have properly behaving North Koreans and Iranians - just for the balance.
If it comes to transportations of the huge numbers of people ( and not only from the stadium to the streets of Beijing !) - you are perfectly right, David.
They (Chinese) have an enormous experience on the subject... Piece of cake...During Mao's era they were able to ... Oh, forget it... :-))))
The spectacle was magnificent (spoilt only by the presence of roasting and perspiring G.W.B.), but other than that - no complaints from me...
The spirit of the Olympiads lives on ( have you noticed, David - the pres. Sarkozy was without his sexy (thirty lovers !) wife ?)...
One hundred thousand strong police force is protecting the spectators from protesters and the other bad guys (photographers ?)...
(That's at the Tiananmen Square entrance... The other exits are remain at secret).

A great feast for the best athletes of the present era…
Let the wars and conflicts seize for the time of the Olim……Errr… I just accidentally switched channel for the news one… Burning tanks, downed jet planes… Fire and detonations… I wonder where is it…?
Phew… Who has the time to listen and watch this boring political stuff ? I've only heard that it has something to do with Georgie… Damn… That Bush, again - I presume ?)

Great, wonderful show for the peace on earth (have you noticed David, how far princess Anna sat apart from her husband ? Hmmm… I wonder what does it mean ?)

Thanks and all the best for you, good buddy…
You did it again…For us…
These freshly baked buns with butter…

Neat photo ( Even though, George W. Bush is hardly visible ?).


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Default To Polonaise: Carla Bruni

Thanks for letting me know that Nicholas Sarkozy was there without his new wife, George (I couldn’t see him very well from where I was sitting) - that would explain why when the French athletes marched into the stadium and Sarkozy stood up to wave to them, half the people on my section stood up to take picture of him. But they quickly sat down with disappointed looks on their faces – I suppose that was because they were looking for Carla, not him.

I noticed that about twice as many people stood up in the adjacent stands to look at President Sarkozy as they did for George W. Bush. Maybe that suggests that George needs to marry a supermodel to improve his popularity ratings ;)
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