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  • TOS

    [COLOR="Red"][COLOR="Red"]Photographer's Notes:
    All photos must contain a note of a minimum of 40 characters in order to be uploaded.

    Only meaningful notes will be considered, so please do not try to get around the issue by posting nonsense such as " fhgdfhd rthdfjgbnd fgjkfk".

    The following other nonsensical notes will also be deemed inappropriate:

    - using your camera description/ exif data as a note,
    - clicking the space bar until you have reached 40 characters,
    - repeating the same words or partial phrases over and over e.g.: "this is a flower this is a flower" and finally:
    - notes that merely describe the obvious, e.g. : " this is a man standing in front of a church".

    DANIEL`S note is absolutely within the TOS!!!!!!
    It has more than 40 characters and he explains what he photographed.

    The TOS does not say that you have to write which building you photographed!!!!!!!
    And CLEVER people can read about the location above the photo!!!!!!
    And when you are curious about this place you can reply and ask him, and I`m sure he`ll answer.
    This is a feature trekearth offers!!!!!!

    not knowing your own rules