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Great delpeoples 2017-04-25 7:43

Dear Mariusz

This is a really beautiful photo, it seems as though you're using the same tripod I use in these situations: balancing the camera on your forehead and taking the shot :) The wide angle lens has worked its magic and you have beautifully displayed the details of the artwork.

I think I might fall into that group of "liberals" you refer to in your note :) I have difficulty supporting the Catholic Church in light of three things. Firstly, the findings of systemic paedophilia against it in various courts and tribunals around the world. In my country, the figure is 1 in 6 children who attended Catholics schools were sexually assaulted by members of the Church. But the world looks away. Secondly, I cannot condone the amount of wealth the Church has amassed, yet it looks away while its people live in abject poverty. Thirdly, the Church in Australia's position on refugees. It seems that so-called Christians here and overseas only care about people if they're not brown or Muslim. My belief in God is not shaken, but my faith in Catholicism is gone.

I hope you had a happy Easter and thank you for sharing

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Default To delpeoples: Catholic Church

Ciao Lisa,

I completely agree with you in your criticism of the Catholic Church. My trust in the church is shaken as well. I find however some beauty in the early teachings of the Jesus disciples. I think it was originally all about love, forgiveness, openness etc and that is what has somehow shaped our western culture. Sadly modern day church, especially the one I know from Poland, seems to be quite far away from actual Jesus teachings. I am shocked hearing what some bishops are publicly saying.
And so I am quite messed up in this respect: I love the message of love which these painting remind me of, but I have the same feelings about the church as you do: it feels a bit like a mafia to me.

Thank you for your honest opinion,
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Smile Church

Ciao Mariusz

It's interesting (and saddening) to learn that the problems I'm seeing in Australia are worldwide. I'm messed up too and I thank you for your honesty. I don't know what the short term answer is.

Here in Australia, we are having an enquiry into systemic child abuse. In fairness, the Catholic Church is certainly not the only offender, but it is the major one and is of course the one that concerns me most, for the same reasons it concerns you. There has been overwhelming evidence that Cardinal George Pell has willingly turned a blind eye to and protected paedophiles in his diocese. The State Police want to interview him in regards to multiple allegations of sexual abuse perpetrated by him. He has refused to return to Australia and face the music. Worse still, is that he has been promoted to the second most powerful position in the Vatican, that of financial advisor and Pope Francis is not compelling him to return to Australia to face justice. Despite Francis' words that he will not tolerate paedophiles in the Church, he is protecting them. That above all is what leaves me so messed up about it all.

Thanks again for your thought provoking note and discussion.

All the best
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