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Dear All,
My last picture added on Trek Earth has been deleted by Trek earth team because I dared to sign it on it with "Bruno Chatard photography".

When i am seeing how easily the photos are stolen on internet and then sold like postcards it is becoming quite obvious to put this on them.

As Trek Earth pushes my work away and asks me to better use TrekLens then I am ok to leave. I do not want to be unwelcome. I also want to say that deleting a photo with people starting to add critics and comments is a bit unrespectful either.
So I am not hsppy to continue here and I deleted all my contributions.

By repect to all of you who were in contact with me during these 3 years, I keep my account open to let you have a chance to read this message. Thanks again for all your comments and critics which were all the time very helpful.

You can visit my Facbook page if you want to follow me and have a look on the Big ben pic named "Big Ben says 5 to 1". This is exactly the one Trek Earth decided to delete.

You can see additional pictures on My Facebook page!
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