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My name is Katia Wesley. I am currently living in Canada. I was born in Russia, where I still have my family left which I try to visit as often as I can. I also lived in Israel for few years. I love that country, and I would go back there again any time. I love traveling! There are still so many places to see! So many pictures to take!

I always liked photography. Even when I was a little girl I remember my father inside the bathtub room (only small dark place he could find in our small apartment) with red light developing pictures he made himself with his old camera in brown lather case. I remember him explaining me how to use some special small piece of equipment that measures amount of light, and then accordingly to that put a proper setting on the camera. I was always fascinated by this process. Unfortunately, I never got in to it when I was younger. Latter when I got cheap camera of my own, I could never get results I wanted. Now with the new digital technology it became possible even for armatures like me to get in to the world of photography. It became easier and more enjoyable to capture images of the surrounding world. However, most of the time relaying on pure luck in photography is wrong. With purchase of a new camera I realized that with the skill even the regular camera can become a great tool. I found this web site and was captivated by some amassing images. There so much I would like to learn, and I look forward to receive a valuable feedback.
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