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Verenigde Staten
Student of Life, Architecture and Photography. Officially an architecture student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa UHM). I took a beginning level photography for an art credit.

While I was on the first leg of my european tour, I dropped my camera in The Louvre. The camera button flew off and I could not find the spring. I was able to stick a pen tip into the the button hole to continue taking pictures. I first started using long thin twiggs. I had to search for a new twig everday because I either lost it or broke it. I started to refer to my camera as GHETTO CAMERA. I wanted to wait till I got back to Hawaii to buy a new and improved camera. I am also a poor college student. So if you seen a guy in Europe sticking a pen into his camera, that was me. For this reason, I took less pictures than I wanted to. Most of the pictures taken were pictures I absolutely needed to write my paper and to complete other class assignments. Would have loved to take more lifestyle shots. Well at least I have a reason to return to Europe.

I will include pictures of my recent trips to Japan, Tahiti, and Chicago when time permits. I also have a couple b/w prints I took while I was in my photography class at UHM. Whats up with this one photo a day rule?
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