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Verenigde Staten
I am from Maryland originally, lived in California for the last 8 years, and recently moved to Philadelphia. I've always loved drawing and the visual arts, but photography is a more recent hobby.

I've been on TrekEarth for about 2 years now, and definitely consider myself a complete amateur (really just a snap-shooter). When possible, I try to keep a somewhat artistic eye on my surroundings while I travel. But a lot of my photos here, I'm afraid, will be fulfilling a simpler version of the TE goal of learning about the world through photography, sometimes by just cataloging. Hopefully, as I go, these two goals will merge. Thanks for your input.

My most recent major trip was to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia (yes a little hectic). In the last few years (as you can see) I've traveled to Greece, Italy, Tanzania, and South Africa.

In terms of my travel top wish list, in no particular order...

Croatia, Poland, Russia, Scandanavia,
Spain (Bilbao/Basque, Salamanca...),
China, Korea, Malayasia, Indonesia,
Cuba, Chile, Argentina,
... and to get back to Brazil!!!
(well that doesn't really narrow it down does it?)

Also, check out my photos on, specifically...
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