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Verenigd Koninkrijk
I'm London based, which is unfortunate for someone with a love of nature. I mainly prefer to photograph landscapes especially of the Northern counties and anything to do with nature, animals and the weather. I also like architecture and have a preference for old buildings especially ruins and sometimes you'll even find a human being in my pictures. I post on other sites but I have joined the more restrictive TrekEarth in the hope of receiving serious comment.
This update on 14 January 2007.
I have noticed that many TE images are being lauded and rated more highly than they deserve on a basis of friendship or a wish to not upset the photographer rather than genuine critique. This does not help anyone improve. Suggestions for improvement do not have to be taken but they should be learned from.
Recently I too have been falling into the trap of marking images and allocating points (which I don't think is necessarily a good thing anyway) in a way that may bolster the ego of the photographer but not encourage improvement. I intend now to point out what in my opinion is lacking or needs improvement and to hopefully help the photographer to improve. I hope that others will do the same for me and my images. We should all seek to learn from each other. Many aspects of an image will be seen differently by the photographer and various critiquers. However, it is wrong to not point out obvious problems, or worse, to suggest for example that an image is sharp, or well saturated or contrasted when it is plainly not, that does nobody any good. So if you find my critiques are more critical and my ratings on your images are lower, it is not because the image is of lower standard than before but rather that I am raising my own standard of critique.
As of March 2007 I no longer award or accept smileys. I hope my comments will be enough to make smileys unnecessary.
Look left. - Good guys wear white hats.
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