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I started taking photographs when I was a very small boy. I began with my mother's box brownie and learned the lot - right down to the physics and chemistry. I was very pale at school because I spent more time in the dark room than in the daylight.

I moved from Olympus equipment to a "space age" Ricoh Mirai bridge camera in 1988. When that finally died, my Pentax Z-70 SLR became a regular companion.

Life has moved on. My photos have progressed from a quiet obsession to a marker of the important events in my life. I am no longer sure if I prefer film to pixels, as I started using a Canon Powershot G1. I have now moved to a Panasonic FZ-20 (ooh!) and a Pentax K100D Super (aah!). Nevertheless I keep an old Olympus OM2 SLR in my bag for those "special" shots.

Only trouble is - when traveling with my family, I am always lagging behind for that one ... more ... shot... That would be the reason why my photo album is littered with pictures of my wife and children (or other companions) walking away from me!
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