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Verenigd Koninkrijk
I'm Dave
I ride my bike around the local river and canal towpaths,like to take photos of British Waterways
canals,lock architecture, wildlife and old buildings, When not on my bike I'm in my OPEN TOP JEEP..

For digital images I have Canon EOSd cameras a 20d and a 5d, got Canon DSLR cameras because they allow stop down metering when shooting through a lens lacking aperture connections.. That means(with an M42/EOS adaptor ring) I could use an M42 macro tube ,my supply of old M42 Pentax,Zeiss Flektogon , mirror lenses and Peleng fisheyes,MEANS I'VE GOT DIGITAL BACKS for all my lenses,use m42 lenses with 5d or 20d in manual mode like a manual film camera BUT WITHOUT WAITING TO DEVELOP FILMS. I love film but sometimes you can't wait to develop them...Use my EF lenses and I've got a fast DSLR..
WHATS THE POINT OF BUYING A DSLR AND NOT USING THE MANUAL SETTINGS...Sell your old favourite lenses for peanuts and you'll regret it forever..get an adaptor ring..

I'm using film for a while.. (unless I can't afford mistakes or need fast action ,then I'll go back to digital)...

Film cameras, Leica 111f, Pentax SP1000, Canon AE1, Various Zeiss folders,TLR Yashica Mat, Bronica ETRS and a Zenith 80 6X6 SLR ..

Getting back into medium format and 35mm film...I'm becoming bored with digital (film is more fun waiting to see how your shots come out),not much in digital POINT N SHOOT.. I'm going back to manual settings..
I'm experimenting with Meniscus and Anastigmat lenses at the moment.
(I seem to spend more time playing with old cameras and lenses than taking pictures)....

Use your digital most of the time .. buy a film now and then, or all the film labs will close down.
It's fun waiting to see if your f stop and shutter was ok, more interesting manual setting your camera.Digital is great but its more fun to fiddle with film than point n shoot..

I found some old 6x6 and 6x9 negatives in my mums loft and noticed how good they looked given 60 years ago they only had simple BELLOWS or BOX CAMERAS with simple meniscus lenses no focus and a one speed shutter (guess and shoot) when I get round to it, it's fiddling with an old box camera and some 120 film for me.....

Re:EXIF data.. I will be using a digital camera and a Bowens Illumitran to upload film photos onto site, (I don't think my Canon flatbed scanner is good enough for negatives),the Bowens and a digital camera work better, Its just a macro bellows , Nikkor enlarger lens with flash tubes and contrast glass on a solid stand..I fitted my EOS digital to it with an adaptor ring so can copy films with better resolution than a flatbed scanner,works quite well. It's also great for medium format film EXIF data will say taken by a Canon eos WHEN IT IS ACTUALLY FILM.
For Info on Bowens WEB ADDRESS.

BOWENS ILLUMITRAN are great for slide copying and were over 1000 to buy, you can pick them up for peanuts on fleabay , check them out, do a search for Bowens Illumitran on Google great if you are into medium format or 35mm film

My old medium format camera collection here

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Bronica ETRS, Canon AE1, Canon EOS 20D, Canon EOS 5D, Franka Solida Folding 6x6, fuji axia ix100, Fuji FinePix F450, Leica IIIf, Pentax SP1000, Pentax SP500, Yashicamat, ZenitEM

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