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Verenigde Staten
And so it began

I've loved photography since childhood and went through a progression of film cameras: 110mm and 126mm point-and-shoots, a Polaroid One-Step, a borrowed Yashica 35mm outfit, a Minolta X-370 35mm, and a Canon Rebel G 35mm.

Then came digitals. Woah.

With my first digital camera, an Olympus C-2040z we bought in 2001, came the electrifying knowledge that I could shoot as many pictures as I wanted with no penalties.

Holy cow! I could instantly evaluate my mistakes and correct them, manipulate my photos, and share them with folks on the other side of the globe in minutes!

Enter the UZI

We found that our film cameras now sat unused in the closet, but we were reticent about going 100% digital. Finally, because I wanted more flexibility and more zoom, we sold our Olympus and the Rebel G 35mm outfit and purchased a factory-refurbished Olympus C-2100uz...And we've never looked back. Even at only 2mp, the UZI is still a camera we'd highly recommend.

Joe DiMAGE-eo

The Minolta DiMAGE A1, which I affectionately call "Joe" (as in Joe DiMAGE-eo), we just purchased at the end of March 2004. Had Olympus offered a comparable 5 or 6mp camera with an image-stabilized 10x zoom, I would probably have an Olympus. I struggled for a while getting used to Minolta's image processing versus what I was used to with Olympus, but I became a believer. They just "see" things a little differently, but each has its merits. The A1's controls make sense and are easily accessible. It also recharges in a heartbeat and lets you do continuous burst shooting *with flash*. The predictive focus is also great. It's such a sweet little number.

Another? Yes!

Joe had some troubles with his CCD and Sony repaired them. There are still some issues I need to contact Sony about with him, though. We now have added a Fuji FinePix S9100/S9600 to the flock. It's a fine camera, but if I compare Joe's usability and function to it, I will get depressed. ;) I just love the A1 - what can I say?

By the way, Howie6267 is my other half and he inherited the UZI. He's learning to use the Fuji now, so now his mom is using the UZI. We keep it in the family.

In addition to Howie and photography, I love gardening, writing, computers, reading, and singing.

My website is Gardenwife's Plot.
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