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Well, I finally did it. Ever since I tried out some cameras in the era when 320x240 was the standard resolution, I managed to stay away from digital cameras up until August 2007. I really started following them in detail with the advent of the EOS 300D, but the steep price and the volatility of digital media continued to put me off. In 2006 I was thinking about the 5D which was even more expensive. Finally, with the introduction of the EOS 40D I realized that if I wanted to get onboard the train I would have to start somewhere, and as the 400D was coming down in price and I could use my existing equipment as is I finally gave in to it.

I still love my EOS 300 workhorse, and we've been everywhere together. I dropped her in the Aral Sea, from out the car door in the Himalayas and we've endured rain and snow, salt and dust together. Most of the photos have already been published on Travelblog where there are also more facts about the trips they were taken on.

All the photos uploaded are digital scans from negatives. Apart from some cropping and the occasional removal of dust particles from the scan there is virtually no post-processing involved. I've seen a number of TE users go crazy with tuning their photos to look really spectacular, especially when it comes to saturating the colours. As with any magic, once you've seen the real thing you will not be impressed. I think it is a bit careless and that the subjects should be treated with more respect.

So far I haven't managed to make much out of my 400D since I haven't really gotten into the development phase so to speak. I am not used to tweaking camera settings, but I realize it is something I will have to get involved with. I just generally do not know where to start, and as of right now i feel kind of put off. I suspect it will be quite some time until I get up to speed.
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