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I always liked photos. I think they are the top expression of a moment. I always prefered photos to movies, cause i think in movies, the essence of a single moment is lost. It's interesting to analyse the reaction of such a simple thing as looking to a piece of paper. In a certain way I could say that this is how our mind works. It's based on moments. As time goes by on our life we can forget a thousand things, but we always keep small rests of past, flashes of important moments. They are the same that make us feel so many emotions just of thinking of them. It's everything and it's nothing gathered in one moment! Capted by eye or by camera, saved in films or memory, photos are a good that can't be teared appart from each one of us. In a world where the exchange of information runs in large steps, where personal values are lost and change through generation to generation, photos become an educational good also. These gives to know the world just as it is, and to make of this planet this "small village".
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