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Verenigd Koninkrijk
Hello I'm James & I am now a graduate of Plymouth University, where I studied media arts.
My interest in photography mainly focuses around landscape and nature photography, although I appreciate all forms of this art and I like to dip my toes in any kind of photography.

I am a amateur photographer but I have had 1 picture printed to date 'Rape Seed Skyline' appeared in 'Bird Talk' magazine in America.

My dream in photography as well aspirations to venture around the world taking beautiful pictures of the landscapes and natives to that area, and also highlighting the globe to the right entirely :-), I would LOVE to be paid to take pictures.
On these pages are a series of pictures, which I consider to be the best I have taken, so far.

A recent inspiration which is spurring me on to travel the globe is an exhibition called 'Earth From the Air'. An exhibition which has been born from a teams desire to document the world as it is today, for future generations to see how the world looked in the early 00's. As the world seems to be altering as rapidly as ever this exhibition has captured many terrains, many people and many lives both animal and plant, I urge you to look both for enjoyment and inspiration, I guarantee you will be impressed as it is beyond anything I have ever seen anywhere else, even on here.

Earth From The Air

I Would love to hear what you have to say about any of my shots, positive or constructive... please enjoy and thank you for reading.
Also keep Trekking!

Also also here is a link to my personal Top 10, of my own images, see what you think, any differing opinions is welcomed.

Top 10 of My Own Images

If you do in fact like my photographs then there are more for your enjoyment on treklens

My Treklens Account

Finally, and maybe a little presumptious, if any of my images you feel you would like as a print please feel free to email me as I have a friend who does some superb printing on many surfaces including canvas.
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