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Verenigde Staten

I have recently joined TE and see it as a way of improving upon my photography. In addition, it is just great to see so many fab photos from around the world. So, a multi faceted learning experience. Getting all the elements and facets together of good photography is a challenge and I am enjoying it a lot!!! Right now I am trying to work my way around Adobe Photo Shop CS2. Now that is a bit of a challenge also.

I look forward to your critiques in order to help me improve on my photography. I have a point and shoot camera but an about to get more technical with a DSLR. Online classses in photography and Photo shop are also on the cards. Special thanks to my friend Jackie for his help and tutorials with PP.

I was a landscape architect for many years and so have an appreciation for proportion, colour, line, balance and scale. In essence, good design. I hope I can eventually transcend this design experience into the positive artistic and technical aspects of photography.

I have learned so much from the TE and TL members and am grateful for their advise and comments.

I have also been having great fun on Treklens.

What a great way to open up new worlds and skills.
it can be addictive!! Little wonder there is a great web site called Camera Addict. Please take a look at the pictures in my TrekLens account
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