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Updated August 2009:

Right now I am travelling across the world on a trip which I anticipate will take around five years. So far I've been on the go for almost 2 years, however more than a year of that time was spent in China - living, working and teaching English. For most of 2009 you'll find me in Indonesia and for most of 2010/11 you'll find me in New Zealand. I'll probably never return to the UK at this rate!

TE has been fantastically helpful to my progress as an amateur photographer and that learning continues today. I'd like to think the quality of the shots I've posted has only ever increased and will continue to do so - or at least that's what I strive for. Nowadays one of the motivating factors when I'm out there snapping is that question in the back of my mind; "would I post this on TE?". It's helped me improve no end!

Whilst photography started for me a couple of years ago with the only aim in mind of "not finishing a trip around the world with crap photos" - today it's a well grounded hobby and something I give a lot of time and effort to. I dream of being able to make a living out of it, but in reality there are about, ummm, 5 jobs in the world available for full time landscape photographers and last I looked there aren't any vacancies :) I'll stick to the day job for now!

Until I next settle (perhaps some time around the beginning of 2010) I will onyl be able to use TE from the net cafes of the world, so posting will be sporadic and critiques pretty few and far between - but I'll do my best and make up for it in the future!!!

I also write a blog with lots of photos included:

Check it out. If you want. :)
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