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My modesty because I'm a amateur of photography for some years and never was a professional. My life is made with a link with painting and fashion daily activity.

Here I would post possible 1 a 2 shots weekly, and I will do my vision and also my best with my camera, but some results could not be the best ones because, the reducing resulting software, could not do the best results like all of you know and understand, but this is a not so important question, and also I understand.

I have a brother that have a nickname that is a well known person here, that is GALMEIDA that I also like is work. It's a natural and original personality that is different of me, like nature and details, but I will not make a common Link here.

If you want to know or see, look and Search for him.

Finally, I must thanks to him and also to you, because is initial approach and present Internet download support, can give me in the present the momment to share your ideas and my work here.

So my excuses for some delay and to him by support.

I'm open to your critiques and comments, because we need all learn from others. The Experience is to do the better in future for all. Comments, critiques or don't say nothing of my work, is allways the best way to exchange ideas, concepts and comunication.

Sincerely yours and open to your experience.

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