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extreme in everything,
with a dissolute imagination the like of which has never been seen,
atheistic to the point of fanaticism,
there you have me in a nutshell,
and kill me again or take me as I am,
for I shall not change"

My photography:
Think colour, loud and vivid.
Think black and white, smoky and sad.
Think compositions of shadows, forms, corners, to assemble realities that did not exist before.
Green and purple and turquoise and black, foamy transparent waters.
Think surprise, think images of polished and geometric beauty.
Think the obsessive search to create perfection, in and out. Harmony as the meaning.
Think beautiful structured clean invisible sleek original elegant alive and dead, think joyous and lonely and simple and complicated.
Think ambiguous and rich, rational and crazy, luminous and dark.
Think the dream: photography as the mirror of desires, a pool of secrets, the truth of life.

To see more of my work visit my Flickr account:[email protected]/sets/
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