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Verenigde Staten
I live in Hermitage, Tennessee, U.S.A. I am a retired newspaperman. Since retirement my wife and I try to make one foreign trip a year. Our last trip was to England and Scotland in September, 2013. I believe that people who travel to places are often drawn there by the pictures they see of a place. Therefore, I do not do much editing of my photos, because I want my pictures to reflect a true representation of a place with all its warts and scars. I do crop, color correct, add contrast where needed, and I will, occasionally, convert color to black and white and sometimes tone to give the impression I had of the place at the time I was there.Most of the time I've shot landscapes and architecture in my travels, but recently I've been trying to move more toward street photography to capture the culture and life of a place.
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Nikon F3, NikonF90X, Panasonic Lumix G1

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