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Time to change my intro after a few months around this place...

That photo is actually me. Right shoulder articulation, to be more precise. A glimpse of my inner life. They say it's the inside of a person that counts, so...

By that picture, you should be able to tell that I am a 33 year-old male Portuguese writing under a pseudonym.

What I like about taking pictures: the thrill and expectation of discovering what is it that the camera will capture. A sort of Hope in Fate or in Providence. Oh, and technique, of course. Interaction with the people being photographed is also a rewarding activity. I have the utmost respect for my subjects, even when I catch them doing funny faces...

What I like about processing them: I like to select photos, to pick one from a multitude. A declaration of love, an election, a vocation: I choose you; step forward. I like to bring out the best in them - sometimes I overdo it and you get weird post-processings to rant about.

What I like about posting: Writing titles and notes! I can't tell you how important I think it was for me to write - er, let me check - those 57 notes. I take it as a great literary challenge, because I like to put something dramatic or original in each note. It has to be fast, it doesn't involve writing a whole book, but it is writing an original piece a few times a week. I discovered I needed that outlet, it's helping me improve and it's a different aspect of being creative in TE.

What I like about getting critiques: getting them. I much prefer getting ten critiques complaining about the frame I used than just one or two with empty praise. I like getting a good number of critiques: the different perspectives, feeling the friendship and companionship, you know, that sharing thing... some critiques are funny, some are literature themselves, all of them mean somebody took the time to look at the picture, sometimes even read the note (!), and leave me a message - I really appreciate that.

What I like about surfing TE: mostly checking out the photos from the people in my Follow list. Personal friends, favorites, other people whose photography interests me. I leave my short list of Favorite photographers for some especially inspiring TE members. When (and if) I mature and develop a photography style, I think it will have something from each of these persons. I often think I should spend more time in the general Gallery, but I get overdosed quickly...

I also keep a poetry site. Any comments there will be particularly appreciated because I usually get none. This is because people feel it is inappropriate to give bad critiques to poetry, it's such a personal thing... forget it, go there and tell me what's wrong, or which verse you kind of like - just do it TE-style.

Have yourself a rewarding visit to my gallery... and tell me what you think of my photos, even if you like them... :-)
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