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With the aim of doing better and learning, I have just started to joint this amazing and wonderful group. Mine is a small and simple camera. Hopefully I'll achieve to get a better one, but as a start, I am learning. And finally I have purchased my new camera just a few days ago (14.04.09) a Nikon D60 18-55 !!

Travelling, trekking, sailing, flying, doesn't matter. Me and my cameras are looking for anything which means interest and an unforgettable situation or landscape or person or bird or flower or tree or coast or building, for me. Thanks for any comment or criticism you might write. This will help me a lot.

During 2009 I have scheduled different trips to: Danmark (January'09) Myanmar, Thailand, Southern Laos and Vi�t Nam (september/october/november 2009), French Pyrenees (july 2009 ), and to the beloved areas in my country.

I am very happy, very happy, because I have been travelling to all the countries stated above. Just came back two weeks ago (19.11.09) after two months of absence. A day of travel a basket of wisdom ......

Day after day, I am convinced that I prefer to capture photographs, scenes, landscapes, situations, which express something special for me and to share them with anyone who is so kind to have a look into my pictures. I am not a fantastic photographer just looking for the better light, composition, contrast ... I just love to keep the daily life, the decisive moments, the nature, the human being, funny situations, in my pictures.

Back again after more than one year of absence.

Ready for a new trip to Vi�t Nam, Y�nnan (Xishuangsbann�) and Myanmar. Leaving September 25, 2013.

And ..... back again, with a new camera and after a six weeks stay in Hà Nôi.
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