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Trip Date:2004-10-29 - 2005-03-19
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Countries visited:Mexico
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From the end of October 2004 until March 2005, I lived and volunteered in a school in Puebla, Mexico. During my time there, I spent several weekends traveling to different parts of Mexico, working in a clinic, staying with missionaries, visiting an orphanage and just seeing the sights..

When I stayed in Mexico, I was 18 years old and it was my first time living away from home. It was a huge culture shock when I first arrived. I had visited relatives in the United States many times but this was my first time in a non-English speaking country so I was lost for a while.

Fortunately, Mexican people are among the friendliest I have ever met. They have such a warm inviting nature to them and I was immediately accepted into the Mexican way of things. Hopefully from these photographs you will be able to see the warm colourful Mexican society that I saw when I was there.

Most of the photos that I've added to TE (so far) were taken during my time at a free clinic run by Mexican Christians, American doctors and any one else they could find to translate. This included not only Spanish-English translation, but also Spanish-Nahuatl translation.

I stayed at the clinic for 4 days altogether. On the first, a Thursday, we (my cousin who is was a missionary in Mexico) and I arrived, after a 5 hour bus journey to the station in Zacapoaxtla. There, we were met by a friend who drove us up some of the steepest roads I've ever seen (I could have sworn we were driving vertically at some points) to the candlelit clinic. It wasn't meant to be so dark but they had encountered a power-cut so were living in hope of the electricity returning. Fortunately, surgeons had, minutes before the power went off, finished an operation on a small child.

Shortly after arriving, we were told to go to the kitchen were we could have some dinner. Armed with my camera, it was here that I took the first picture of the five days,
Kitchen At Night.

In the clinic I met so many people with so many stories. Mothers brought their children in, sometimes not to have them seen by a doctor but to get one of the small toys we were giving away to children.

One of my favourite photographs from my trip is Disapproving Mother a photograph which displays many different types of Mexican faces. This photograph was taken during my stay in Tatoxca at a clinic in a remote part of the state of Puebla where Nahuatl (an indigenous Mexican language) is widely spoken. To me, it shows the everyday life in this small village in Mexico through the expressions of the people in the waiting room.

Another photo I took during my time in this clinic is Show-Off. Although this photograph isn't as interesting as "Dissaproving Mother" I really like it for its naturalness of the two young boys who are playing.

"Harvesting Hay" was taken as I was in a car traveling back from the orphanage that I visited. There were so many of these trucks on the roads with hay or sugar cane tied down. Being from Northern Ireland, I'd never got the chance to see this type of farming before so it was all very new to me.

I also visited Oaxaca, Mexico City and Veracruz on different weekends. During one of the weekends that I visited Mexico City, I went to Chapultepec Park where I took the photograph, Chapultepec Castle, and in Oaxaca, the photograph, Mariachi.

When I add more photographs of my trip, I'll update this travelogue to describe some more of the photographs and tell you about the background of how I took them. Please let me know what you think about these photographs. I'd love to know what I could do better so all critism, good and bad, is very welcome!
Thanks, Elizabeth :)