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Trip Date:2006-06-19 - 2006-06-25
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Countries visited:Portugal
Gezien: 2594
There are almost 60 endemic plant species in the Azores, many a throwback to the laurel-juniper species of the Tertiary period.
This makes the islands a natural botanic garden of great interest to all plant-lovers. Local plant species include cedar, scotch heather, heath, sheepberry and “pau branco”, plus wild morello cherry, wildberry,
spurge-flax, daphne and “tamujo”.
Other species were introduced from the beginning of settlement in the 15 century, either for food and timber or to satisfy the local people's penchant for colourful flowers. Azorean birds are one of the main attractions
in the region, particularly the “priôlo” bullfinch (an endemic species), plus the buzzard, the blackbird, Cory's shearwater, cliff pigeon and common and roseate tern.
The seas surrounding the Azores are rich in hundreds of species of fish and molluscs, as well as harbouring large whales and dolphins. The islands are therefore perfect for divers.

The Azores evolved from volcanic eruptions over many millennia; and all round the islands are examples of curious volcanic phenomena.
There are rounded craters or “caldeiras”, often filled with lakes, plus caves and deep tunnels formed by the eruptions. Ancient black lava covers many surfaces on the islands, raging from shiny obsidian to soft and porous lava, sometimes bubbling with steam from hot springs.

The mean temperature of the sea, which is tempered by the Gulf Stream, ranges between 16º C and 22º C all year round. On all nine islands, there are dozens of natural reserves, protected landscape areas, parks and protected forests. These are part of the Regional Government's programme to preserve the archipelago's ecosystems
O primeiro deslumbramento são as lagoas, com a sua beleza serena, poética. Em seguida a paisagem feita de verde e flores, de vastos horizontes de terra e de mar.
São Miguel tem mais para ver, para oferecer. Monumentos que falam de uma história de cinco séculos. A tranquilidade dos grandes espaços e o bulício das cidades. O colorido de antigas festividades. Artesanato com a autenticidade da tradição. Os prazeres da mesa. A emoção dos desportos. Para férias completas.