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Enchanted Valley
Enchanted Valley (12)
Trip Date:2004-08-24 - 2004-09-28
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Countries visited:Portugal
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Although I live in California, my home country and my extended family are still very much an important part of my daily life. For the last 3 years my husband and I have been trying to go, but each time a serious reason held us back (2 deaths, one pregnancy loss, surgery). So this time we had a mission to accomplish. The morning before my father died he had asked me take my mother home (Sao Miguel Azores) and scatter his ashes in Povoacao on the bay's water. So I set out, with husband, and mother in tow.
The trip was uneventful for the most part, it was an opportunity for my family to meet my husband, it was also a great opportunity to play tourist. (I must thank TE the photographic education)
There was one major glitch...
We began planning for the ash scattering we found out my mother had left the ashes in California. She said, "Your father was such a grump when he traveled, I decided to leave him at home. This is one vacation he won't ruin"